Korn Records With Brendan O'Brien For New LP

With Woodstock '99 rapidly approaching, some of the artists on this year's bill not already on tour -- including Wyclef Jean, Everlast and Live -- are scheduling some warm-up dates to get ready for next weekend's concert, but not Korn.

That group will be arriving at Woodstock '99 directly from the studio, where Korn has already begun work on its next album with producer Brendan O'Brien, who mixed Korn's previous album, "Follow the Leader," and is coming off producing the new Stone Temple Pilots record.

According to Korn's official website, the band has already cut eight tracks for the album, which frontman Jonathan Davis says will be as "groove-oriented" as Korn's self-titled debut from 1994.

In related news, Korn will receive the first CDDB Silicon CD Award for being one of the most popular artists on the Internet during a ceremony on July 19 in New York City. Presented by CDDB, an online database of audio CD information, the award recognizes artists and albums that consistently

reach the CDDB Top 10, a chart that tracks the most actively played CDs on computers.

Because Korn is in the studio, Davis will accept the award for "Follow the Leader" via satellite. The album hit the CDDB Top 10 within weeks of its release last year, and is still lodged in CDDB's Top 5.