KMFDM Changes Its Letters, Finds New Record Label

The haze-shrouded, serpentine-like career path of the group formerly known as KMFDM has taken yet another turn.

KMFDM founder Sascha Konietzko and the group's Tim Skold have reversed their acronym, left TVT Records for Republic/Universal, and plan to release a new album on Republic/Universal Records.

In January, the group cryptically announced, "KMFDM is dead," and quickly retreated into a self-imposed "media blackout" until this week (see "KMFDM Announces Its Demise").

Such make-ups and break-ups are nothing new to fans of the group, who have seen more than 30 different artists pass through the KMFDM camp since its formation in 1984.

The final album from KMFDM, titled "Adios," will hit stores on April 13, while it is not yet known when the debut from MDFMK will arrive.