KLF Begats 2K For The Millennium

September 8 [14:00 EDT] -- The English duo best known--albeit only occasionally--as KLF is surfacing as 2K for a 23-minute performance at London's Barbican Main Hall to be recorded and released as a CD single. Bill Drummond and Jimi Cauty had originally planned a performance for last Tuesday, but the death of Princess Diana caused the event to be postponed until September 17.

Britain's New Musical Express reports that the single, which will be called "F*** The Millennium." is built around their former hit, "What Time Is Love?". The magazine also reports that Drummond and Cauty have set up a crisis line initially with a weekly taped message for people having problems dealing with the millennium. There's no report on the number of calls they're receiving, nor are details of any Millennium Crisis Syndrome available at this time. Their new name, 2K, is another reflection of the pending year 2000, and ads for the sold-out performance refer to 840 days remaining in this century.

The single is being released in late September or early October. A edited version for radio is also being pressed.

The quirky KLF is best known for their 1992 hit "Justified & Ancient," which featured Tammy Wynette on the song and in the video. The band retired noisily in February of that year, spraying blanks from a machine gun at an awards show while announcing "Ladies and Gentlemen, KLF has left the industry." The duo then deleted their entire back catalogue and declared they wouldn't release another record until there was world peace.