Kiss Meets Spawn In The World Of Action Figures

May 20 [14:00 EST] -- As if the demonic warrior Spawn wasn't scary enough now Todd McFarlane is unleashing his most frightening creature yet: Peter Criss.

McFarlane's toy company (which produces home versions of his eerie comic book creations) is giving fans the chance to once again get their hands around their favorite member of Kiss with four new action figures. [Click here for a 54k image of the figures]

The figures capture each band member in seven inches of bulked-up, fully-equipped glory, and will turn up in stores in June. Paul Stanley's figure is armed with a shooting-star missile, Ace Frehley boasts a guitar that turns into a space-sled, Gene Simmons can fend off enemies with a winged-snake battle staff, and Peter Criss' figure can go to town with a drum that doubles as a missile launcher. Each figure also comes with snap-on armor for added crime-fighting protection.

McFarlane, the comic book maverick

behind "Spawn," extended his empire into the world of retail goodies with McFarlane Toys, and will bring his dark vision to the big screen with "Spawn: the Movie" this summer.