Kiss Gets Some Credit (Cards)

May 21 [14:00 EST] -- Further cementing their position as a financial institution in the music industry, Kiss will soon have their own credit cards.

Reuters news service reports that the band will grace a line of cards from Wilshire Financial, which is a Los Angeles-based entertainment merchant bank.

Kiss devotees with good credit histories are reportedly eligible for a Visa Classic card, which features the band in full make-up standing in a ring of fire, while fans with superior credit can pick up the Visa Gold card which simply carries the group's logo on a black and gold background.

In addition to the thrill users will feel when pulling Ace Frehley out of their wallets, cardholders will also reportedly receive frequent flier miles, car rental discounts, and special monthly messages from the band.

For those who are more concerned about what shows up on the bill instead of what shows up on the card, the Wilshire-issued cards reportedly carry a 16.9 percent

annual rate, and a $20 annual fee.