Kiss Coming Soon To An Elevator Near You

May 27 [14:00 EDT] -- Don't be surprised if the next time you're wandering down the frozen foods aisle of your favorite surpermarket, you run into Kiss.

Muzak (the Seattle company that produces background music for markets, doctors offices, and elevators everywhere) told the Associated Press that they have inked a deal with Kiss to give four of the band's classics the traditional Muzak makeover.

The Kiss fans can reportedly expect to hear smooth instrumental versions of "World Without Heroes," "Sure Know Something," "Everytime I Look At You," and (of course) "Beth" in all the usual Muzak haunts.

While the Kiss-Muzak pairing seems like an unlikely union, a representative for Muzak told the AP that Gene Simmons himself approached the company and initiated the deal. "Needless to say, we're flattered," Muzak executive Steve Ward told reporters.

If you want to here the more rock-oriented renditions of the Kiss catalog form the band themselves, you'll have to

head to Europe where Kiss is touring through the end of June.