Kiss Fighting Lasers

Kiss berated a member of the audience at their East Rutherford, New Jersey's Continental Airlines Arena show Sunday night for shining a hand held laser light in drummer Peter Criss's eyes when he took to the front of the stage to offer up his solo karaoke version of "Beth."

According to fan reports, Criss completed the song in spite of the beam, said a perfunctory, "God bless you all," but then stalked to the side of the stage, grabbed a mic and angrily added, "I'll take that laser and shove it up your a**."

When the rest of the band returned to the stage, singer Paul Stanley reiterated Criss's comment, and challenged the responsible party and anybody else with the pointers, to come up on stage for a fight.

"In every crowd, there's one or two people who don't belong here," said Stanley, according to a report from The Associated Press. "Now, I know you want to bring it to school tomorrow when you go to sixth grade, but leave it at home when you go to the show."

The band's fight against the trendy lasers, which are banned from concerts but easy to conceal, is not a new one. At an earlier show last week at State College, Pennsylvania, Stanley had an almost identical comment about the pointers.

"There are some real great people here tonight," he reportedly told the crowd, "but there's always two a**holes with a laser. And if you keep shining that laser on me I'm going to take it and shove it up your a**."