Kid Rock On The Pains And Pleasures Of Success

From producing bandmates to hiring bodyguards, Kid Rock is now experiencing the peaks and pitfalls of being a star.

The man called Kid has brought along a little mobile recording setup on his current tour with Limp Bizkit so that he can work on producing a debut album for his bandmate, DJ Cracker. The record will be released on Rock's own label, Top Dog Records, which is testimony in itself to his new clout within the music industry. MTV News' Chris Connelly recently asked the man himself how it feels to be a top dog these days.

"Getting weird," Kid Rock replied. "It's just that with all the love comes a lot of hate, too. So I always hear people talk about it, you know. When you get somewhere, there's a lot of people that don't... like that so much, get jealous and stuff. So we gotta start doing that crazy stuff, like bringing a bodyguard, like checking in under assumed names... that kind of sucks."

"But you know, I'm not going to sit here and bitch about it, like 'making a lot of money and now it's tough to be a star,'" he added, fake-sobbing. "I'm having a ball." [RealVideo]