Kid Rock Contest Gets Cops In Hot Water

Two Florida police officers reportedly let their love of Kid Rock get the better of them, and they've been suspended from the force as result.

The "Florida Times-Union" reports that two Jacksonville police officers who teamed up with two area strippers for a photo shoot in an attempt to win a trip to see Kid Rock's New Year's Eve show in Detroit have been suspended for 15 days.

In response to a contest carried on Kid Rock's official Web site, officers Carlton Vose and Benjamin Suydam reportedly snapped a series of photos that depicted themselves being "apprehended" by two strippers, one of whom was dressed as Wonder Woman.

"Send picture or video or yourself doing something outrageous with someone special [not necessarily sexual, you freak, but we won't deduct points for the effort!] and your middle finger extended," the rocker's Web site urged. "The most creative will win."

The site also offered "hints" on how to score with the judges (Kid himself

and his band, Twisted Brown Trucker), including the use of "wild friends or family members, celebrities, farm animals - check your local legislation."

Apparently Vose and Suydam got too creative, as the officers' use of their squad car and uniforms in the photos reportedly got them in hot water with the Jacksonville Police Department. The "Times-Union" reports that the officers were charged with unbecoming behavior, misuse of Sheriff's Office property and violating uniform appearance regulations.

While the officers found themselves in hot water, Kid Rock fans Circe Pullen and Beverlee Riddle actually wound up winning the contest after posing with a dog in front of a Kid Rock banner.