R. Kelly's "Room" Tour Kicks Off With Sexy Style

Despite venue changes, the departure of Busta Rhymes, and cancelled shows due to low ticket sales, R. Kelly managed to come out on top for the first weekend of his "Get Up On A Room" tour.

Saturday's New York performance was just short of sold out. While Kelly Price, Nas, Foxy Brown, and Deborah Cox excited the crowd (and Nas was "crucified" on stage while dressed in leather pants), it was the "Down Low" man himself who stole the show.

R. Kelly's hour long performance including a parody of "Star Trek" on a movie screen backdrop, a live band, dancers, multiple set and costume changes and lots of lights kept concertgoers out of their seats. MTV News recently asked Kelly what's the secret to his success.

"Probably the same for everybody," Kelly told MTV News. "Just hard work and just being stubborn as hell. You know... just wanting it. And the more you want something, that's just how good you're going to get it. So the secret to my success is just working. Working my butt off."

And that was just what Kelly was up to when he pulled, on stage, an innocent fan who ironically stripped down to her underwear and simulated sex with the "King of R&B" on a giant-sized bed (complete with red satin sheets) right after he performed "Half On A Baby."

The fan must have put in her 50 percent.