R. Kelly Readies "Shaft" Single, Video

While hip-hop wildman Busta Rhymes gets plenty of face time in the film, R. Kelly will be doing his part for "Shaft" on the radio with the first single from the film's soundtrack.

He doesn't appear in the movie, but R. plays the role of the "Bad Man" on his contribution to the soundtrack for the upcoming "Shaft" remake. Of course, there's a video as well, one that saw the R&B hitmaker team with director Hype Williams in Chicago last month.

"The look of the video, it's a lot of action going on," R. explained. "Hype's trying to match it with the movie, get a little action going on... a little pyro. I don't want to tell you guys too much, but it's some exciting things. I got the [electric blues legend] B.B. King feeling going on somewhere in the video with the guitar and everything. It's exciting and it's different for me. I get to express my soulful feelings." [RealVideo]

Those soulful feelings should be on display soon when "Bad Man" hits the airwaves.

Meanwhile, R. is slated to debut his four-piece boy band discovery Secret Weapon this month, and then the group is expected to deliver its debut album in December.

R. is also working on his own album, tentatively titled "TP2.com," which is due to hit stores this summer.