Kane And Abel Arraigned On Cocaine Charges

Identical twin rappers Daniel and David Garcia (aka Kane and Abel), who recorded two albums for Master P's No Limit Records, were arraigned in a New Orleans federal court on Monday afternoon after being indicted last week on charges of conspiring to possess cocaine with intent to distribute.

In an arrangement with the U.S. attorney's office, the rappers surrendered themselves Monday, but were not arrested.

The Garcias' attorney, Richard Westling, told MTV News that the brothers were, "dumbfounded" by the indictment and would plead not guilty to the charges.

The Garcias' indictment is an offshoot of an ongoing federal investigation linking imprisoned New Orleans drug kingpin and killer Richard Pena to former dealers, customers, underlings and even new Orleans' finest. Twenty people (including three police officers) have been convicted.

Kane and Abel, whose 1998 album "Am I My Brother's Keeper," debuted at number one on Billboard's R&B charts and number five on the pop

charts, were dropped by No Limit Records last fall. MTV News spoke to No Limit vice president Tevester Scott who would give no details for not renewing the twins' contract other than, "It was a business decision." The label had no comment on the arrest.

The Garcias' lawyer says that the twins, who are being charged for period prior to late 1996 up to early 1997, are high profile targets who are being fingered by other Pena associates hoping to lessen the severity of their own sentences.

While the brothers deny involvement in any of the drug lord's unsavory dealings, they do admit knowing Pena, who once owned his own label Sheska Records, via the New Orleans' music scene.