Kane And Abel Claim Feds Tried To Use Them To Get To Master P

Twin rappers Daniel and David Garcia (a.k.a. Kane and Abel) are asking that a federal drug indictment filed against them in May be dismissed, charging that feds were trying to build a case against No Limit Records mogul Master P, and vindictively prosecuted the twins when they refused to help.

Kane and Abel (who were dropped from No Limit earlier this year) were indicted on May 6 as part of an ongoing investigation of New Orleans narcotics kingpin and convicted killer Richard Pena. Thirty members of Pena's drug ring have already been convicted.

The Garcias' motion, brought before a New Orleans federal judge on July 21, argues that on March 24 federal agents asked the twins to be their, "eyes and ears" and cooperate in an investigation against Master P or face indictment. The twins refused, saying they knew nothing of any relationship between Master P and Pena.

No Limit Records lawyer Edwin Hawkins told MTV News on Wednesday that he supports the twins and calls the case,

"a federal abuse of power."

A decision on the motion is still pending, and we will keep you posted.