Kane And Abel "Rise To Power" In Face Of Legal Battles

Twin rappers Daniel and David Garcia, a.k.a. Kane And Abel, have had their share of legal woes, and those difficulties definitely had an influence on the duo when it came time to write rhymes for "Rise To Power."

Earlier this year, Kane And Abel were indicted by federal investigators for cocaine possession in connection with an ongoing investigation of New Orleans drug kingpin Richard Pena (see "Kane And Abel Arraigned On Cocaine Charges").

In July, the Garcia brothers filed a motion that accused the Feds of vindictively prosecuting the pair because they wouldn't help to build a case against Master P, owner of the twins' former label, No Limit Records. That motion was denied on August 5 (see "Kane And Abel Claim Feds Tried To Use Them To Get To Master P").

The entire experience influenced Kane And Abel's new album "Rise To Power," with tracks such as "Lock Me Up"

and "State's Evidence" calling attention to the Garcias' dilemma.

"The Constitution really means nothing," Kane recently told MTV News. "[The Feds] interpret it like they want to interpret it, you know?"

"Definitely," Abel added. "Just like, even in our situation of our case that's going on right now, you know, the government has put us in every newspaper, on every TV show, like we were the biggest drug dealers in the United States. And in reality, they don't even have any physical evidence that we [even] sold someone a Tylenol capsule." [RealVideo]

The twins' trial is set for November 15, and their lawyer has filed a motion to move that date. Meanwhile, Kane And Abel hope to kick off a tour to promote "Rise To Power" by Halloween.