K-Ci & JoJo Talk About The Song That Made Them Number One

K-Ci & JoJo finally cracked the top of the charts this week with their sugary ballad "All My Life," [1MB QuickTime] but while you may have heard the song countless times, you might not know what it's really about.

"I was writing it about my daughter," JoJo recently told our friends in the MTV Radio Network when he and K-Ci (both Jodeci alums) stopped by. "I wrote it for her, and I wrote it about her."

However, getting the song recorded was not nearly as smooth as the song itself.

Despite the fact that they wrote the song, they almost didn't get to record it, and had to convince their record label that they could turn the song into a hit.

"The song was originally supposed to be used for... another artist, a female artist on A&M

records. But we listened to it after we got out of the studio and it was like, 'I'm keeping this, this is too hot.' And MCA was... at first they were like, 'Do you think it'll work for you?' And I said, 'Well, it's not about if it'll work for us.' This song just really had a deep, deep meaning about it." [450k QuickTime]

Apparently a lot of folks have tapped into that deep meaning as the single has helped the group's album "Love Always" reach double-platinum sales status.