K's Choice Wraps New Album, Prepares For Lilith

The Belgian brother-sister duo known as K's Choice will try to follow up the success of their breakthrough album, 1995's "Paradise In Me," with a new album and a run on this summer's Lilith fair tour.

The band, which found a home on rock radio with their hit "Not An Addict," returns to U.S. record racks on May 12 with "Cocoon Crash," an album which sees the group team with producer Gil Norton (known for his work with the Foo Fighters and the Pixies among others). According to vocalist/rhythm guitarist Sarah Bettens, who with her guitarist brother Gert forms the core of K's Choice, Norton helped the band re-think its material.

"I don't think that we're a different band than we were two months ago," Bettens said. "I just think that everything sounds so much better than before, and that's exactly what Gil came in to do. He changed some of the songs around and suggested a million things, some of the things we liked, some of the things we didn't."

The band will try

out its new material on a tour that includes two weeks on this summer's Lilith Fair tour.

Here's a list of the songs you'll find when "Cocoon Crash" arrives in May:

  • Believe
  • In Your Room
  • Everything For Free
  • Now Is Mine
  • Butterflies Instead
  • If You're Not Scared
  • 20,000 Seconds
  • Too Many Happy Faces
  • Cocoon Crash
  • Hide
  • Freestyle
  • Quiet Little Place
  • God In My Bed
  • Winners