JT Money Traces Miami Connection Of Debut Album

After almost ten years in the music biz, rapper JT Money is finally getting his due, thanks to his hit song, "Who Dat," which has been entrenched atop the "Billboard" Rap Singles chart for the last few weeks.

JT's impressive resume includes a stint with the Poison Clan, a group he co-founded that produced such club hits as "Shake What Your Momma Gave Ya," and was signed at one point to Luther Campbell's now-defunct Luke Skyywalker Records.

For his upcoming debut solo album, "Pimpin' on Wax," JT Money collaborated with another Florida native who was also signed to Campbell's label for a time and who is now enjoying success in his own right: Trick Daddy.

"I'm a homeboy from Miami," JT Money told the MTV Radio Network, "but I actually met [Trick Daddy] when he made his first record with Luke and them back in the day. I was already gone [from the label], but he was going through what I had just went

through. But we go back a couple of years. We're tight, buddy-buddy, you know." [RealAudio]

Other guests appearing on "Pimpin' on Wax," which is due out on May 25, include Big Gip from the Goodie M.O.B. and Too Short.