Milla Jovovich On The Bono-Mick Jagger Connection

Model-actress-singer Milla Jovovich will return to cinema screens this weekend as her new film, "The Messenger," opens nationwide.

For the film, which was directed by her ex-husband Luc Besson, Jovovich portrays Joan of Arc, the teenaged 15th century warrior who led the French to victory over the English at the Battle of Orleans in 1429.

After being captured and sold to the English in 1430, Joan was put on trial for 14 months before an ecclesiastical court and was subsequently burned at the stake for heresy and witchcraft at the age of 19.

In addition to her film work, music fans also remember Milla Jovovich as a singer-songwriter who scored a minor hit in 1995 with "Gentlemen Who Fell" off her solo debut album, "The Divine Comedy." (The Surrealist film-inspired video, which featured the singer in various states of undress, was an even bigger hit with "Beavis & Butt-Head.")

Jovovich played at a showcase in New York City earlier this month with her band, Plastic

Has Memory (a take-off on the name of two of John Lennon's early '70s backing groups, Plastic Ono Band and Elephant's Memory, perhaps?), and much to Jovovich's surprise, there were a few famous faces in the audience, including the Rolling Stones' own Mick Jagger.

Milla spoke with MTV News about how another famous singer helped put Jagger and Jovovich in touch.

"Mick is a friend of Bono's," Jovovich said, "and Bono and I did a song together, 'Satellite Of Love,' [which] I'm sure everybody knows, a song by Lou Reed. And he mentioned to Mick, 'There's this singer blah blah blah, and she's in this movie."

"And he called me in my motel room," she continued, "and he was like, 'Hi. I don't mean to intrude, but this is Mick.' And I was like, 'Oh my God!'" [RealVideo]

Milla Jovovich and her band are planning to play another show in Los

Angeles in the next few weeks. In addition to "The Messenger," Jovovich also appears in the upcoming film, "Million Dollar Hotel," which was penned by Bono and directed by Wim Wenders (see "Bono Appeals To U.S. Congress; 'Million Dollar' Movie To Open Berlin Festival").

-- Kara Manning