Montell Jordan Says "Let's Ride"

Montell Jordan, who successfully explained, "This Is How We Do It" with his debut album and hit single of the same name in 1995, is geared up for the release of his third album "Let's Ride," out next month.

The single, also called "Let's Ride," features a special guest appearance by Master P, the rapper's first foray into R&B. Master P also joined Jordan for the video in Los Angeles recently.

Jordan stopped by to talk with our colleagues in MTV Radio Networks about the evolution of his music and how the inspiration for "Let's Ride" came about in an accidental way.

"Album number one ["This Is How We Do It"] focused on partying and around me and where I was coming from at that time. Album number two, the "More..." album, more of romance and of emotion and this album ["Let's Ride"]," Jordan explains, "Number three, really focuses on love and it focuses on the different sides of love."

But how did "Let's Ride" come into play?

"The track was in existence

with a producer by the name of Teddy Bishop in Atlanta. When I heard the track," Jordan recounts, "he's got this vocal thing, he uses like a slowed down tape sound that says 'That's right.' And it goes, 'That's right, that's right, that's right...' And when I heard it, I thought it was saying, 'Let's ride.' And so I was like, 'Oh! Let's ride!' So it came about by accident" [500k QuickTime].

"Let's Ride" is due to arrive in stores in March 31, and that's no accident.