Montell Jordan Goes Long For The United Way, Shoots Video With Jerry Springer

Montell Jordan is among the artists that appear in the new NFL-United Way anthem, "We're All in This Together," which also features the vocal talents of Faith Evans, Next, Deborah Cox and Isaac Hayes, as well as such NFL stars as Jerry Rice of the San Francisco 49ers.

The project was perfect for Jordan, who admits to being an avid fan of pro football, and has been known to spend part of his limited free time singing the National anthem at stadiums across the country.

"I feel very confident that this is a nice little alliance that goes on between athletes and entertainers," Jordan explained to the MTV Radio Network, "but the bottom line of the whole thing is that the United Way gets a higher visibility from the whole collaboration."

"We're All in This Together" will serve as the soundtrack to a series of public service announcements for the United Way that will air during various televised NFL games. The tracks also appear on the new "NFL Jams" album.

As for Jordan,

the singer is off to Chicago to shoot the video for "Talk Show," the first single from Shae Jones, Montell's new protege. The clip will feature a guest appearance from none other than Chi-town's own Jerry Springer.