Spike Jonze Stays On With Production Company

While Spike Jonze found success in Hollywood last year as an actor and a director, it looks like he's sticking with his bread and butter for the next few years.

According to entertainment trade publication "The Hollywood Reporter," Jonze has extended his deal with Satellite/Propaganda Films, the company for which he directs commercials and music videos. Jonze has been with the outfit for eight years and now has reportedly inked a deal to stay on for another three.

During his time with Satellite/Propaganda, Jonze has directed memorable TV spots for Levi's (wherein an emergency room erupts into a sing-along of "Tainted Love"), Nike (Andre Agassi playing tennis in the street), Lee Jeans (introducing Buddy Lee, man of action), and Sprite (featuring a "Sun-Fizz" logo come to life), among others. Jonze has also directed videos for Puff Daddy ("It's All About The Benjamins [Rock Remix]"), Bjork ("It's Oh So Quiet"), and the Beastie Boys ("Sabotage," "Sure Shot,"

"Root Down," and others). Most recently Jonze earned three 1999 MTV Video Music Awards for his work on the Fatboy Slim clip "Praise You."

Last year, Jonze (real name Adam Spiegel) garnered strong reviews for his turn in front of the camera alongside George Clooney, Ice Cube, and Mark Wahlberg in "Three Kings." Jonze then floored critics with his feature film directorial debut, "Being John Malkovich" (see "Spike Jonze Nominated For Another Directorial Award").