Hong Kong Tries To Keep Elton John Quiet

Feb. 12 [16:00 EST] -- If Hong Kong legislators get their wish, fans at two upcoming Elton John concerts may have to listen through headphones to keep the show's volume down.

According to Reuters, John is scheduled to play two shows to mark Hong Kong's shift to Chinese rule, but politicians have reportedly cited concerns about noise pollution and are suggesting that audience members get their sound via headphones instead of through traditional concert speakers (sort of like on an airplane).

The unorthodox approach to curbing noise has reportedly drawn a good deal of flack from Hong Kong newspaper columnists. "The city with noise pollution that shatters the nerves of citizens on 364 days of the year is now going to turn a pop concert on the 365th into a mime act during celebrations of one of its most historic events of the century," one paper reportedly commented.

However, the city's legislators say that unless they are convinced that the noise will be kept to a

minimum, they will veto the show. Urban councilor Fred Li told Reuters news, "It doesn't affect the enjoyment. They can see the performers, they can see the screen."