Elton John To Pay Tribute To Princess

September 4 [16:30 EDT] -- MTV Europe reports that Elton John will attend Saturday's funeral for Princess Diana, where the singer will pay tribute to her with a new rendition of his song "Candle in the Wind."

The lyrics of the song, originally written as an ode to Marilyn Monroe, will reportedly be altered to allude to Diana's passing.

According to MTV Europe, the song's first line, "Goodbye, Norma Jean," will be changed to "Goodbye, England's Rose" for the service.

John and Dianna had a strong friendship, and the Princess offered support to the singer at the funeral service for designer Gianni Versace earlier this year [pictured].

John's performance will be part of a service and funeral procession that is expected to draw two million mourners. In response to the outpouring of sorrow, the royal family reportedly doubled the length of Saturday's procession in London.