Spice Girls Give Elton a Tumble

October 20 [14:00 EDT] -- The new Spice Girls single, "Spice Up Your Life," has bumped Elton John's Princess Diana tribute from the top of the British charts for the first time in six weeks.

John's reworked "Candle In The Wind," now sits in the No. 2 position. It's also the No. 2 best-selling song of all time with sales totaling over 30 million world-wide, and its closing in fast on the #1 record, "White Christmas," by Bing Crosby, which sits at 35 million copies.

Britain's PA News reports that the Spice Girls are no slouches, either, when it comes to setting records. With "Spice Up Your Life," they have the honor of being the first group to reach No. 1 with their first five singles, and the first to enter the charts at No. 1 four times in a row.