Usher Takes Diplomatic View Of Elton's Lock On Number One

December 4 [7:55 EDT] -- You'd think that Usher would be a bit frustrated by the fact that his number two hit "You Make Me Wanna" can't seem to make it to number one in a "Candle In The Wind" kind of world.

However, when the teen R&B sensation spoke with MTV News before taking the stage for a performance on Puff Daddy's "No Way Out" tour, he seemed to be taking a graceful approach to the situation.

"I actually am happy to stand next to one of the most successful singers, and also singles of all time," Usher said. "That shows a lot for me. I can tell that to my grandkids, you know. I stood next to Elton John, and possibly had the chance to take the number one spot, you know, all in divine time, it'll happen."

Usher recently returned from Paris where he shot the video for his next single, a Hype Williams-directed clip for the song "Nice N' Slow."