Jimmie's Chicken Shack Bring The Love To "Stereo"

The Shack is back.

After selling over 200,000 copies of its last record, 1997's fowl-titled "Pushing the Salmanilla Envelope," the Annapolis, Maryland-based Jimmie's Chicken Shack returns to stores this week with its second major-label album, "Bring Your Own Stereo."

With such admitted influences as Bad Brains and Fugazi, one might expect the Shack's new album to be loaded with the same sort of pissed-off rock that has fueled the likes of Limp Bizkit and Korn.

But as band frontman Jimi Haha recently told MTV News, most of the songs off the new album -- including the light-hearted first single, "Do Right" -- tend to deal with, of all things, "punk love."

"We probably all have pretty positive attitudes... occasionally," Haha said, "and there's a lot of love behind the making of [the album], 'cause we had a lot of fun doing it. And most of the songs are about the loss of a lot of

good love. So, trying to take the pain and make fun out of it I think is where you come up with 'punk love.' I like that, yeah."

"I think that's also what our shows are equated with," he continued. "Some people would see our shows and think it's nothing but 'Grrr!' We're like, 'Nah, it's actually 'Ahhh!' Everybody was raging, but raging with fun and love instead if like, 'I hate things,' or 'I'm pissed at things.' It's more like, 'Things blow, but woo-hoo [anyway].'" [RealVideo]

The video for "Do Right" has just been certified as a "Buzzworthy" clip. You can catch Jimmie's Chicken Shack on the road with Fuel for the next few weeks, beginning on August 24 at the Bottle and Cork in Dewey Beach, Delaware.