Jim Rose Sideshow Sidetracked By Arrest

Feb. 24 [16:00 EST] -- Jim Rose and his traveling freak show ran into a bit of trouble in Lubbock, Texas Friday night, when police apprehended Rose, two of his Mexican transvestite wrestlers, and one of his female sumo wrestlers after allegedly violating the town's sexually oriented business ordinance.

Rose, who reached public consciousness when his Circus Sideshow performed at Lollapalooza in 1992, and his cohorts are free on bail after being detained Friday night.

Rose and his rolling rogues brought their unique brand of human oddity to Lubbock's Depot Warehouse on Friday, where police say they performed sexually explicit acts without a city permit.

Lubbock police said that they briefed Rose and company about the ordinance before the show, and warned them that the costumes the cross-dressing wrestlers were planning to wear (which police say included dildos) would violate the ordinance.

However, police say that when the wrestlers ("Tickles" Valdez and Billy

"The Bario Bottom" Martinez) hit the ring, they were still wearing the offending garments. Police claim that the men then simulated oral and anal sex in between simulated wrestling takedowns, and authorities felt they had seen enough.

Police moved in to stop the show, and arrest the offending wrestlers, inciting an upheaval among the devoted. Rose and his female sumo wrestler, Judy "The Bullmoose" Jenkins (whose real name is Sheri Lee Cashen), were arrested for their overly zealous defense of the act and charged with disorderly conduct. The wrestlers, whose real names are Jeff Brennan and Joseph Hermann, were also booked for their violation of the sexually explicit business ordinance.

All four are free after posting bail, and have yet to miss a show due the arrest. If you want to catch the act, or steer clear of it, here's where it will be:

2/24 - Birmingham, AL @ Five Points Music Hall 2/25 - Athens, GA @ Georgia Theatre 2/27 - Baltimore, MD @ Lithuanian Hall

2/28 - New Haven, CT @ Toad's Place 3/1 - Providence, RI @ Strand Theatre 3/2 - Montreal, QUE @ Cabaret Music Hall 3/3 - Ottawa, ONT @ University Of Ottawa 3/4 - Toronto, ONT @ Phoenix Concert Theatre 3/6 - Kitchener, ONT @ Lyric Theatre 3/7 - Hamilton, ONT @ Mohawk College 3/8 - St. Catherines, ONT @ Brock University 3/10 - Thunder Bay, ONT @ Coyote's 3/11 - Winnipeg, MAN @ Pyramid Cabaret 3/12 - Regina, SAS @ To Be Announced 3/13 - Edmonton, ALB @ Polish Hall 3/14 - Calgary, ALB @ Spartacus Lounge 3/15 - Vancouver, BC @ Graceland