Spice Girls Get Freaked Out By Jim Rose, Get "Exposed" On Video

December 9 [7:55 EDT] -- The Jim Rose Circus Sideshow freaked out a few high-profile audience members Wednesday night, when Baby, Ginger, and Scary Spice caught the group's act in Los Angeles.

Before the show, two members of the Spice entourage, Ginger and Scary, had agreed to help out the freakshow's ringmaster, Jim Rose, by standing on the back of his head as he pressed his face into a pile of broken glass.

But after taking in acts like the Armenian Rubber Man and the bug-eating Enigma, the two balked when their time came to take the stage with Scary Spice ironically claiming that the show was "too scary."

Meanwhile, in even scarier Spice-related news, a new video featuring the group is hitting stores on Tuesday, and it won1t be in the "family" section of your local video store. "Spice Exposed" is an unauthorized video featuring 200 photos, mostly nudes, of Geri Halliwell (a.k.a. Ginger Spice).

The photos were taken when she was a struggling go-go dancer,

and many of them have been available on the Internet over the past year or so. "Spice Exposed" claims to collect them all in one place for the first time.

In another dose of Spicy irony, Halliwell caused a stir in her native England a week ago when she tried to avoid over-exposing herself at the Royal Variety Show benefit which was attended by Queen Elizabeth. As we first reported last week, Halliwell, wearing a very low-cut dress, was afraid she might reveal more than her respect if she curtseyed for the queen. Instead, she opted to just shake hands.

"If you look at the news person you can see I did curtsey," Halliwell told MTV News about the whole flap. "Obviously I have... I wasn't brought with curtseys and things like that. It was a very quick, short, sharp curtsey. Blink and you would of missed it, but I did actually." And about those slippage concerns, Ginger notes, "I was well taped in."

That should settle that.