Flea Discusses Working With Jewel

Jan. 22 [16:00 EST] -- With the Red Hot Chili Peppers still about three months away from starting work on a new album, bassist Flea has been busy with other projects. The frenetic bass player took an acting role in an upcoming Coen brothers movie, and a guest shot playing bass on the next album by Jewel.

Flea says he met Jewel five years ago in San Diego, where she was living out of her van and performing in local coffee houses. Apparently, he was feeling under the weather one day, and went out in search of a remedy.

"I was feeling really terrible, and all of a sudden I see this girl that was just so beautiful. And I was like, ah, oasis!," Flea told MTV News.

"I just went and started talking to her and we became friends, and at the time she was living in her car, and she said to me, 'Let me play you a few songs on my guitar.' And I thought oh no. Ya' know when someone says they're going to play you some songs, the first thing I think about is running in terror.

But, she did it and it was just so incredibly beautiful. And, it turns out later she had a hit song and became a big star, and that's really cool."

In fact, Jewel is nominated for a Grammy award this year for best new artist. The folkster is pitted against Garbage, No Doubt, the Tony Rich Project, and Lee Ann Rimes for the award. The Grammy Awards will be distributed in New York City on February 28.