Jewel, Kurt Loder Square Off On Poetic License

Jewel's sophomore album, "Spirit," is expected to chart somewhere in the Top 5 when SoundScan sales figures for last week are released today, but the album's success hasn't stopped some critics from continuing to dissect the lyrics from her 1995 debut, "Pieces of You," or her recent collection of poems, "A Night Without Armor."

One such literary analyst is MTV's own Kurt Loder, who in an interview with Jewel last week scolded her for misusing one word in particular -- and received an appropriate, though playful, tongue-lashing from the singer-songwriter.

"There's a line you have," Loder said, "'There are nightmares on the sidewalks/there are jokes on TV/ there are people selling thoughtlessness with such casualty.' Casualty doesn't mean that, does it? Casualty's like a guy gets his arm blown off. I mean isn't that..."

"That's a type

of casualty," Jewel said.

"What?" Loder asked.

"It's a type of casualty that ..." she responded.

"No, really. I thought you were trying to say casualness," he said.

"No, casualty," Jewel affirmed.

"Oh, OK," Loder said, "All right. Are you a tech person? Do you take computers on the road, do you log on, e-mail?"

"No, I'm a bit archaic," Jewel confessed, "I mean, I still write everything by hand. It's quite archaic."

"Wow," Loder replied.

"It is wow,"

she said, "I'm dyslexic as heck. I mean, I just can't type well."

"Really?" Loder said, "that'd be a problem for a writer."

"It is a bit of problem," Jewel said, "I mean, putting the book together. Everything was done by hand. I had to recopy it legibly to get it..."

"That explains casualty probably," he said.

"That probably does," Jewel said, "[you're a] smart-ass for pointing that out. Next topic."

"I don't know," Loder answered, "I just want to help."


she said, laughing. "If you wanted to help, you could have taken me aside, in a little corner."

"Oh, later," [28.8 RealVideo] he said.