Jewel Sued By Former Manager

Jewel is being sued by her former personal manager for wrongful termination according to the Hollywood Reporter. The suit also accuses Jewel's mother of intentionally directing her daughter to terminate the contract so she could collect the commission herself.

The manager, Inga Vainshtein, was fired by Jewel earlier this year, who then almost immediately hired her mother, Lenedra (Nedra) Carroll, who had no previous managerial experience.

Vainshtein filed the five-count complaint in Los Angeles Superior Court on Monday. She's looking for over $10 million in compensation.

Jewel has been both busy and successful since the change. Her newly released album, "Spirit" debuted at No. 3 on the Billboard 200 album chart last week. She's currently marketing books of poetry and memoirs (see "Jewel Prepares New Book As "Spirit" Hits Record Stores"), and she makes her acting debut next year in the Ang Lee Civil War epic, "Ride With

The Devil" (formerly known as "To Live On"). That movie is now expected out in June.