Jewel Gets A Little Help From Audience Member

If you really want to meet Jewel face to face, you might consider bringing her CD with you to one of her concerts. Last night at Jewel's sold-out show in Mountain View, California, she invited one lone audience member up on stage just because he had her debut album, "Pieces of You," in his backpack.

Halfway through the show at the Shoreline Amphitheatre, Jewel paused between songs. "Does anyone out there have a copy of 'Pieces of You,'" she asked unexpectedly. "With the case and the front cover?" A boy came to the front row, pulling the CD from his backpack. "I forgot the lyrics to this song," Jewel explained to him and the audience. "Will you hold them up for me while I sing?" He did so, happily mouthing the words to "Little Sister" while holding the lyric sheet up for Jewel.

Aside from this and her three big hits "You Were Meant For Me," "Foolish Games," and "Who Will Save Your Soul?" Jewel offered little from her earlier album of songs composed at the age of nineteen.

Most of the night's material came from her latest release, "Spirit." The quiet, well-behaved crowd listened intently for most of the show, except for a few passionate shouts from audience members professing their love for the singer.

Later in the show, Jewel invited her fans who were sitting way up on the lawn to come closer. As young concertgoers began flocking to the stage, she asked one thing: "Just be gentle and don't smash each other."

Jewel heads on to Portland, Oregon for a show tomorrow night.