Jeru The Damaja Stands Alone

Jan. 16 [8:00 EST] -- Brooklyn native Jeru the Damaja is gaining quite a bit of notoriety for his player-bashing anthem "Ya Playin' Yaself," which slams rappers who use their access to America's ears to boast about their attributes as pimps and gangstas.

Jeru, of course, realizes that his point of view makes the rap world a rather lonely place.

"I really think that groups like myself, the Roots, De La (Soul), even though now it's about four or five of us, we still really are mavericks, because it's like it's only a few compared to the hundreds thats doing the other thing," Jeru told MTV News.

"It doesn't matter though because it's like it's five today, tomorrow it will be 10, so the tide has changed, but it just hasn't switched completely and groups like the Roots, De La, Poor Righteous Teachers, are bringing this change about."

Jeru the Damaja is currently on tour with Tricky.