Jay-Z Speaks About Being Number Three, Life On Road

November 18 [12:00 EDT] -- Brooklyn rapper, friend of the late Biggie Smalls, and Puffy's "No Way Out" tour cohort, Jay-Z, spoke to MTV recently about his new album, "In My Lifetime, Vol. 1," which entered the "Billboard" charts this week at a strong number 3.

"If you listen to every single song on this album, you'll see it isn¹t different. The music may have grown as I've grown, you know what I mean? But everything is pretty much the same. It's just more in depth. If anything, it's a more raw album than the last one, to me."

The album features Li'l Kim, Foxy Brown, (who are "No Way Out" tour mates) Too Short, and Babyface, with tracks produced by Teddy Riley, DJ Premiere, and of course, the ubiquitous, Puffy Combs.

And though life on the road has been treating him well, Jay-Z told MTV News that there are inevitable ups-and-downs.

"The bus is nice. We got cold cuts, we got chips, we got fruit, juices...[350k QuickTime]

Dom, Crystal, we straight," Jay-Z told MTV News.

"Everything's good. We got the big screen TV with the satellite that shows all the games, you know, all things like that. We watched the fight last night on the bus, the bus is a beautiful thing. We got a CD player front and back. We got everything, everything's in there, everything in there that you would have in your home -- except your family. That's the only thing it don't come equipped with -- your family."

Making his career more of a family affair, beyond Puff Daddy's, Jay-Z will be featured in a mini movie that the rapper filmed. The cinema du Jay-Z production is built around six songs from "In My Lifetime." The home video will be released early next year.