Jay-Z On Record-Setting Reign On Top Of Album Charts

Chart-topping rapper Jay-Z was another one of the revelers at Puffy's birthday party last week, and while his newest record, "Hard Knock Life," has held onto the top spot in the album charts for the past five weeks, it looks to be evicted from the number one spot this week by the new Alanis Morissette album.

Regardless of the impending chart arrivals from the likes of Morissette, Beck and U2, Jay-Z was still pleased with the record's performance right out of the blocks, and didn't mind noting the edge his hit gave him over the birthday boy himself.

"Five weeks at number one," MTV's Chris Connelly asked Jay-Z, "they ought to have a party like this for you right now."

"That's a record right there you know," Jay-Z replied, "ever since SoundScan was set up, no rapper ever did five weeks [at number one], so

I'm very proud of that."

"You got to remind Puffy about that when you see him," Connelly suggested, "he's never had a hit that long."

"Yeah, four weeks," Jay-Z said, "so he was real close, you know." [28.8 RealVideo]

Jay-Z is currently working on plans for the video to the second single from "Hard Knock Life," and is considering launching a tour sometime in early 1999.