Jay-Z Makes Plans For Next Album

Jay-Z has just wound up his highly successful "Hard Knock Life" tour, and he told MTV News on Tuesday that after some well-deserved downtime, he'll soon be starting work on his fourth album.

Will the rapper's next record surpass his chart-topping, Grammy Award-winning "Vol. 2... Hard Knock Life?" Here's what the man himself had to say.

"We're looking to do a million the first week, you know. First hip-hop/rap act to ever do something like that," Jay-Z told MTV News. "So that's what we're shootin' for right now. We're shootin' to put together one of the best hip-hop albums ever made. That's my whole focus right now. To do a million in one week... to end the whole decade, the whole millennium off that way. For hip-hop, not just for me." [RealVideo]

Details are scarce about Jay-Z's upcoming project, but he does want to have it out by next December (see "'Hard

Knock Life' Rappers Line Up Post Tour Plans"). We'll keep you posted.