Jay-Z Gets "Girl's Best Friend" On Film

Grammy Award-winning rapper Jay-Z is currently in the studio working on his fourth album, but he's already got a new single and video at the ready.

Jay-Z recently shot a clip in Los Angeles for "Girl's Best Friend," the first song off the soundtrack to the upcoming film "Blue Streak" (see "Jay-Z Serenades Diamonds For Soundtrack Single"). The movie stars Martin Lawrence, who also makes a cameo appearance in the video.

The rapper told MTV he handpicked the director, Francis Lawrence, who has helmed videos for such artists as Ginuwine, Sarah McLachlan, and Seal.

"[I've] seen a couple of his joints and I thought... 'This guy's really good,'" Jay-Z explained to MTV. "But he's better... behind the scenes, you know, his whole technique, and how he approaches it is... [gives thumbs up]. I'm thoroughly impressed. I'm a fan." [RealVideo]

You can hear more from Jay-Z and get an exclusive

peek at the shoot for "Girl's Best Friend" on MTV's latest episode of "Making the Video," airing this week.

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