Jay-Z To Drop "Life & Times of Shawn Carter Volume 3" In December

Jay-Z, who won the Best Rap Video Award at the 1999 Video Music Awards last week for his hit "Can I Get A...," is wasting no time in preparing his next album. The Roc-A-Fella CEO is now hard at work on his upcoming fourth release, to be titled "Life & Times of Shawn Carter Volume 3."

Jay isn't giving out much information about the album, but he has said that his goal is to sell a million copies of it... in the first week of its release.

Of course, wanting to hit seven-digit sales figures the first week out of the box is ambitious: Jay's last album, 1998's "Vol. 2... Hard Knock Life" sold "only" 352,000 in its first week. That album debuted at number one on the "Billboard" album charts, and stayed in the top spot for a total of five weeks, going on to sell over four million copies (see "Jay-Z On Record-Setting Reign On Top Of Album Charts").

Regardless of its exact performance is in its first week, "Life & Times Of Shawn

Carter Volume 3" looks to be a huge seller, and that's the type of album that often results in backlashes from the hip-hop community. But Jay told MTV News that even with the millions of copies that "Vol. 2... Hard Knock Life" sold, he emerged, credibility intact, unscathed by "the haters," and he doesn't expect his status in the community to change any time soon.

"In hip-hop, we have 'the haters,'" he explained. "You know, when people say 'haters,' that's a very, very big term. But last year, after my success, so many people were really, really genuinely happy for me, I didn't experience the hatin' and all that, so I really want to give it back to them, that's why I'm doing so many songs, to make sure I pick out the best ones." [RealVideo]

To that end, Jay has already completed 15 tracks, and he plans to record ten more before choosing the best twelve out of the bunch.

"Life &

Times of Shawn Carter Volume 3" is due out on December 26, just a week after the scheduled date of the next release by his labelmate and sometime collaborator, DMX.