Jay-Z Rides Chrome For "Big Pimpin'" Video

Jay-Z recently paid a visit to the sandy shores of Miami Beach to film the final scenes for his video to "Big Pimpin'," the planned third single from his "Vol. 3... Life And Times of S. Carter," which has already been certified platinum.

The multi-national setting of the "Big Pimpin'" clip also includes footage that director Hype Williams previously shot on location in Trinidad during the country's Carnival celebration (see "Jay-Z Heads To Trinidad For New Video").

Timbaland produced the song, and like the video, "Big Pimpin'" features guest vocal input from the hot Houston hip-hop duo UGK. When MTV caught up with Jay-Z in Miami, he talked about the meaning behind the song.

"Big Pimpin' is just basically [about] having fun," Jay-Z said. "Everybody wants to know what I'm saying [in the song] when we're saying -- UGK, that is -- when

were saying it's like B-L-A-Ds. That's blades."

"That's another name for chrome, the chrome that you put on your car. So 'sitting on blades' means sitting on a little chrome. Twenty and his dubs, whatever you wanna call it. That's what that is. That's what we were spelling right there. Big Pimpin on B-L-A-Ds. Blades." [RealVideo]

For more from Jay-Z in Miami, as well as the world premiere of the "Big Pimpin'" clip, be sure to tune into MTV's "Making The Video," airing on Monday, March 20 at 10:30 p.m. (ET)