Jay-Z Sheds Light On New Video And Album

"I'm unstoppable."

With that bold declaration, rapper Jay-Z sums up his reasons for putting together a new album, "The Dynasty Rock La Familia 2000," less than a year after releasing his last effort. He also uses the phrase to sum up his thoughts on his new single, the James Brown-esque "I Want To Love U." [RealAudio]

Jay turned up in Los Angeles recently to shoot a video for the track with director David Meyers (see "UPDATE: Jay-Z Ready To Deliver New Album"). "My man Sparks, he had this hook for a while and I was looking for a beat for it," Jay-Z told MTV News of the song while on the set. "I was looking all over. I was calling a lot a producers saying, 'I'm telling you, I got a hit. All I need is a track to match it.' It took me couple a weeks,

but I finally

found the track. Neptunes did it, and they got a song out with Mystikal ["Shake Ya Ass"], and that's the number one rap and crossover song, so he's in a little zone right now." [RealVideo]

Early word had "The Dynasty" emerging as a compilation album featuring some of Jay-Z's associates, but Jay decided to up his output and take the lead on the effort. "We've got plenty of time to take it easy we when we retire. I'm here to work," Jay said.

"It's 18 songs, and I'm on 14 of them," the rapper explained. "I don't want people to think there's just a whole bunch of people floating around on this album and I'm just narrating. I'm on 14 of the18 songs. The only outside people we have on the album... we have Scarface, and I think Snoop is completing his song now. I'm trying to get Snoop on it on

a song I got R. Kelly

on. I just sent R. Kelly a reel to sing on this other song, so those three artists right there, and then it's just mainly us. The majority of the work was done by myself, Beanie Sigel, and [Memphis] Bleek. That's the nucleus." [RealVideo]

That work is expected to surface on October 31 when "The Dynasty Rock La Familia 2000" hits stores.

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