Jawbox Calls It A Career

April 17 [10:00 EST] -- Seven years to the month after releasing their first 7" on Dischord Records, the Washington D.C. outfit Jawbox has called it quits.

Over the weekend, the band's website (at www.his.com/~desoto/jawbox.html) posted a letter from Jawbox vocalist/guitarist J. Robbins that cited "an accumulation of issues and events" in explaining the group's decision.

Robbins writes that he met with bassist Kim Coletta, and guitarist W.C. Barbot on April 9, and the group decided to pack it in.

"There are a million personal factors on all our parts," Robbins writes. "In essence it's simply a mutual conviction that Jawbox has reached the end of its natural lifespan... Jawbox would have been 8 years old this summer. This band has required nothing less than total immersion, and 8 years is a long time to immerse yourself in something, particularly in a creative collaboration."

Jawbox boasts

a lengthy discography, including a boatload of EPs and contributions to compilations and tribute albums for Frank Sinatra, R.E.M., and the Minutemen.

The band released four full-length albums, two of which were released during the group's brief relationship with Atlantic Records.