Jane's Addiction Cleans The Closet For New Record

August 6 [12:00 EDT] -- The new effort from the recently reformed Jane's Addiction "relapse" will hit stores on October 14 and will feature material culled from more than 500 tapes of vintage Jane's performances according to drummer Stephen Perkins.

In a statement released by Warner Bros. Records on Tuesday, Perkins explained how the band is compiling material for the release, and even talked at length about 13 songs that will appear on the album, including the new recording "Kettle Whistle" and three previously unreleased Jane's nuggets.

"Over the years," Perkins said, "I held on to all of the board tapes that were recorded at every one of our shows. For the past several months, I've been listening to more than 500 of these tapes that I've had in my closet at home. I've heard probably fifty versions of each song that we've considered for the new record, and then eventually narrowed each version down to the best two."

So far, that selection process has left the

band (which now consists of original Jane's members Perkins, Perry Farrell, Dave Navarro, and Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea) with 13 tracks, but more may be added before the album hits shelves in October.

Among the previously unreleased tracks on the collection is a version of "Slow Divers" recorded at the 1987 show the band captured on its live debut album. "The track didn't make it onto the record, but we said we'd save it for another record, and I guess this new record is the record we were saving it for."

Fans will also get their first CD-quality taste of "City Song," which was previously only available on the band's 1989 home video "Soul Kiss." Perkins describes the third unreleased Jane's track, "Macio," as a "silly song" that band recorded as a demo and rarely played live.

The still-untitled CD will also feature live and alternate versions of Jane's nuggets from over the years. When the album arrives this fall, fans may find:

  • "Whores"

    - live recording from a 1986 show at what was then called the Pyramid club in Hollywood.

  • "Three Days," "Stop," "Up The Beach," "Ain't No Right" - from a show at the Hollywood Paladium in December of 1990. "This show was at the beginning of everything," Perkins says. "It was a romantic birth of the explosion."
  • "Ocean Size" - a demo recorded for Warner Bros. in 1988. "Unfortunately, no one remembers the studio where we recorded it, and no one can find the multi-track, so we're using the cassette version of it for the new record," Perkins explains.
  • "Had A Dad" - outake from the sessions for "Nothing's Shocking." Perkins said Warner Bros. passed on this version because, "they said it was too overproduced."
  • "Been Caught Stealing" - an alternate version of the band's most recognized song. Perkins describes it as, "kind of loungey, way more casual."
  • "Mountain Song" - early 1986 demo version of the track which helped the band land its first record deal with Triple

    X Records. "Perry sings in a lower register and it's a lot slower, with some piano on it.