Jane's Does Enit

November 24 [16:45 EDT] -- The only stop for Perry Farrell's ENIT festival was in San Francisco on Saturday night (November 22), and it looked a lot like a Porno For Pyros concert with an added dose of mayhem. And, of course, it was really Jane's Addiction.

ENIT, fans may recall, was Farrell's answer to his former promotion partners after his brief split from Lollapallooza, the original alternative festival he founded and then lost -- or at least temporarily gave up -- to corporate America. ENIT was to be a return to the roots, a hippy dippy artsy free-for all. The festival's handful of stops were a marginally successful mess last year and hosted such sidelines as treeplanting, poetry and attempts at alien contact. This year, between patching things up with his Lolla mates and Farrell's full dance card with the Jane's Addiction relapse, the event was whittled down to a lone date at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium. But it was every bit the acid trip of its predecessor.

Once it got past opening act Goldie, who offered up a modern 45-minute set, it became a night of space travel without a ship. Farrell came out in anti-gravity pigtails and a blue boxy dress, Dave Navarro was dressed in a mini skirt, Flea wore a stunning red number. The material ranged from Janes' hits to a rousing rendition of "Happy Days Are Here Again." A highlight for many was Farrell kissing Navarro-a long hard full on French kiss -- on the lips. The theme, not surprisingly, was tropical, four very scantily clad 'dancers' added to the visuals-exotica and erotica.

Setting aside ENIT from the rest of the Jane's tour and giving it the bonafied psychedelic stamp was the presence of veteran hippy king Ken Kesey and his Merry Pranksters, along with other hippies and Farrell followers conducting business (ie: pagan rites, drum circles, chill outs, massage therapy) in various areas. Kesey and his Prankster's mainstage presentation, on the anniversary of Kennedy's death, was

complete with a sixties-style Kennedy-themed slide show.

Somehow, it all fit.