Jam Bands Get Their Own "Jammy" Awards

Jambands.com, an online magazine catering to followers of jam music, will host its first annual awards ceremony, cleverly dubbed "The Jammys," on June 22 at New York's Irving Plaza.

The event is being organized to honor artists for their contributions to the jam band community. "It really seemed like the appropriate time to showcase and celebrate the varied, compelling sounds that are part of this vibrant music scene," Dean Budnick, editor in chief of the daily updated Web 'zine, told MTV News.

While exact award titles are still being decided, some of the categories under consideration include Favorite Band, Favorite Release (Major Label), Favorite Release (Independent/Self-Released), Best Lighting Design/Production, Non-Commercial Fan Site, Jam Of The Year, Show Of The Year, Taper Of The Year, a Community Service Award, and various regional awards.

According to Budnick, some award recipients will be decided by an online vote of fans, while others will be

determined by knowledgeable individuals to be selected by the organizers.

In addition to recognizing artists with awards, the event will also celebrate the genre with numerous live jams by an all-star Jammys Orchestra. Participants have yet to be announced, though the supergroup is likely to include members of bands that were featured on the Jambands.com Tour last year: The Disco Biscuits, The Slip, Foxtrot Zulu, Percy Hill, Ulu, LakeTrout, and Sector 9. Bigger names such as moe., Oteil Burbridge, and Butch Trucks of The Allman Brothers Band have reportedly been approached to participate as well.

"I can assure you that one of the jams we've already put together will make it all worthwhile," Budnick hinted. "On top of that, we'll have celebrity presenters and free stuff. It's gonna be a real celebration of the scene."