British 'Pot' Stars To Support Decriminalization

An album project to support the decriminalization of cannabis in Britain is in the planning stages courtesy of music mogul Alan McGee. McGee, who's the head of Creation Records, the home of Oasis among other acts, tells England's New Musical Express that he's sent out over 50 letters to a variety of artists asking them to appear on the record and support the cause.

McGee says the acts who have responded to date and plan to participate include Jamiroquai, Massive Attack, Texas, Hurricane #1 and Travis. Other artists being solicited include Oasis, Paul Weller, Cast, Super Furry Animals and Bentley Rhythm Ace.

The album's proceeds will be donated to a drug treatment center, Stapleford, in London. McGee was asked to put the album together by the editor of "The Independent On Sunday," a British broadsheet which has launched a public decriminalization campaign.