Jamiroquai Ready To Get "Synkronized"

The newly added Woodstock '99 act Jamiroquai is finally following up its 1997 breakthrough album, "Travelling Without Moving," with another danceable work dubbed "Synkronized."

The group's frontman Jay Kay talked to MTV News' John Norris a bit about the band's new disc (which is due out in the U.S. on June 8) and its musical concept.

"What I've wanted to do was make something with a bit more boogie factor in it, you know," said Kay, "and something that was really remixable, 'cause after 8 years I've come to accept that people do remixes and it's gonna happen and I think, you know, you'd have to be deaf, dumb, and blind not to be able to remix these really well. So I'm currently looking for people to do that." [RealVideo]

Jamiroquai is expected to kick off a world tour in the U.K. on June 7, which happens to be the date of the record's European release. The band's U.S. trek is scheduled

to start up on July 4 with a break taken for Woodstock '99, which gets underway on July 23.

The act will play the revamped three-day fest in Rome, New York with such freshly picked acts as Wyclef Jean & the Refugee Allstars and Canadian rockers Our Lady Peace. Tickets for the big event go on sale Sunday. (For more information, see "Woodstock Lines Up Korn, Rage, Jewel, DMX, Aerosmith, 26 Others".)