Michael and Lisa Marie Divorce

Michael and Lisa Marie Divorce

Jan. 19, 1996 -- The curious, 20-month marriage of singer Michael Jackson and Elvis heiress Lisa Marie Presley officially came to an end on Thursday, when Presley filed for divorce in Los Angeles superior court, citing irreconcilable differences.

Never previously known to be an item, the duo married suddenly and secretly in the Dominican Republic in May of 1994, just months after Jackson paid multi-millions of dollars to settle out of court with a 13 year old boy who charged that the singer sexually molested him.

Indeed, before Lisa Marie's sudden appearence in his life, Jackson's most constant companions -- and admitted sleeping partners -- were pubescent boys. And although he claimed -- in a typically surreal interview with ABC's Diane Sawyer last year -- that he'd been cleared of all child moslesting charges, prosecutors in the case were quick to point out that Jackson was not cleared, that the case against

him was still open, and would remain so until another complainant came forward -- or the statute of limitations runs out.

And if, as skeptics suggested, the Jackson-Presley marriage was just a ploy to clear the air for the release of Jackson's massively promoted "HIStory" album, it failed -- the double-record set was a major commercial disappointment. Then, in December, Jackson canceled a cable TV concert that had been heavily promoted by HBO, after he collapsed during rehearsals in New York City.

Four days later -- very quietly -- he and Lisa Marie separated. Now, Jackson is back in the headlines of the nation's tabloids, where he's been a fixture for much of his career. The "New York Post", a devoted Jackson chronicler which generally refers to the singer as "Wacko Jacko," now trumpets the news that he's gotten the "sacko" and quotes Hugo Alvarez, the Dominican judge who presided at Jackson and Presley's impromptu marriage ceremony, as saying that he could, " . . .

just tell that with them, the last thing it was about was love." Jackson's publicist rushed out a statement on Thursday, announcing that the divorcing couple would "remain good friends." For how long...remains to be seen.

As for the pop fan reaction to this latest Jackson debacle, we took a quick street poll on Thursday night in New York's Times Square.

WOMAN 1: You know, it's just such a shame. I mean, that's totally unbelievable. I thought they were totally in love.

MTV: You're being sarcastic?

WOMAN 1: (Smiles) Just a bit.

MAN 1: I think Elvis is pretty happy now that they got divorced. And you had to see it coming.

MAN 2: Personally, I think he shouldn'ta messed with her anyway, in the first place. You know what I'm sayin'? He shoulda went to 125th Street, got with a sister... Ain't none of this woulda been happenin'.

MAN 3: I don't think he's going to marry again. I think it's hard for him to find someone that's compatible

with him, I mean, someone who likes that type of lifestyle.

CAB DRIVER: It's not a big deal. It's happening everywhere in the world, you know? So, they are just human beings like us, you know?

MAN 4: Who gets Bubbles?