Michael Jackson House-Hunts In Scotland

Jan. 13 [8:00 EST] -- The self-proclaimed King Of Pop may be moving his throne to the other side of the Atlantic. On Sunday, a Scottish newspaper reported that Michael Jackson has been house-hunting in Scotland.

Jackson has reportedly staked out Glenmayne House, a 14 acre property between Edinburgh and the English border. According to the report, the mansion comes with a $925,000 price tag.

"I love it here. I want to make this my home," Jackson is quoted as saying in the report. "The country is beautiful and the people are beautiful."

While surveying the Scottish real estate market, Jackson reportedly also paid a visit to Stirling Castle and dropped by McDonald's for a bite to eat.

A spokesperson for the Cameron House Hotel told reporters that Jackson stayed at the luxury hotel on Friday night.

"It was a surprise to us all here," the spokesperson said in the report, "We genuinely didn't know it would be Michael Jackson, we were just told it

was a VIP."