Jackson To Sell Photos Of Son

Feb. 19 [7:55 EST] -- Michael Jackson is selling exclusive pictures of his infant, only days after he begged for privacy for the child because Jackson himself "grew up in a fishbowl."

Attorney David Rudich, who is representing Jackson for the sale, told MTV News he could not comment on the sale except to say that "some, but not all, of the money may be donated to charity; there are various considerations."

Tabloids, of course, are scrambling over each other to get the first photo, and the highest current bid is said to be in the neighborhood of $600,000.

Meanwhile, Jackson made his first public appearance since the birth of his child at Sunday's taping of Elizabeth Taylor's 65th birthday party.

Jackson, who escorted the birthday girl, also sang a song that he'd composed for her entitled "Elizabeth, I Love You," and giggled as Lily Tomlin impersonated him.

Meanwhile surprise guest Madonna explained why she grew up envying Taylor.

"I wanted

a 16-inch waist line... and I wanted Montgomery Cliff, Paul Newman, James Dean and Rock Hudson to put their arms around it," Madonna said.

The Taylor tribute, which raised more than a million dollars for her AIDS foundation, airs on ABC-TV next Monday.