Michael Jackson Fends Off Plagiarism Suit

As we first reported in February of last year (see "Michael Jackson Refutes Allegations of Plagiarism" in the MTV News Gallery), Jackson was sued by Italian singer Al Bano who claimed that his 1987 song "Swans of Balaka" was lifted by Jackson and used in his 1991 song "Will You Be There."

Bano originally filed his suit in 1992, and Jackson himself took the stand in his defense last year. At the time, Jackson testified that he had never heard Bano's song before, and Jackson lawyers said that the song may owe more to the Ink Spots 1939 hit "Bless You For Being An Angel."

Now the Associated Press reports that the Italian judges have ruled in favor of Jackson and Sony Music, prompting Jackson¹s attorneys to say, "Michael Jackson has once again been vindicated, and we are delighted that justice has been served."